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Gone too soon - te vroeg heengegaan - andato troppo presto 


DGC Zoo Cat's Indian Summer

My sweetest princess... So sudden I had to let you go :(

I still miss you every day

If ever we could have known what was wrong with you... Would you still be here with me?

Forever in my heart, I miss your voice and cuddles every day..

You left my life empty leaving over the rainbowbridge :(

Seal Lynx Point

° 30th June 2012

+ 6th April 2018

Breeder: Janos Zolnai (Zoo Cat's Cattery)

CH laGanjalina Apollo

My sweet baby prince ... You where my best, my sweetest, my beautifull guy ...

I will miss you forever!!! You will forever be in my heart 


 Red Silver Shaded Tabby & White, shorthair 

� 29th April 2010 

+ 23th January 2015

own breed 

 2nd Best American Curl Kitten of the year 2011  

 TICA CHAMPION since 29/10/'11 

 2nd Best American Curl of the year 2012 

 Best Red Silver Shaded/White American Curl of the year 2012


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QGC Paladija Amica


My sweet princess.... I will never forget you!!!

After a long fight and lots of veterinary threatments to cure you from your disease...

You couldn't winn this disease  

You went asleep and finally all suffering is stopped now for you...

You will forever be in my heart  

° 22/08/2008

+ 09/12/2014 



Amica zijn we, na heel lang wachten, gaan halen in Berlijn

 After waiting a very long time, we went to Berlin to take Amica home

Doppo aver atteso lungho tempo, siamo andati a Berlino per portare Amica a casa 

 Red Tabby Point

° 22th August 2008 

Breeder: Natalia Paladijcuk 


Best Red Lynx Point American Curl of the Year 2010 & 2011

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laGanjalina Eros


laGanjalina Eros, my sweet little Black Smoke boy, you where born premature and had a hard fight to survive, on age of 14weeks you moved out to your new family and there all started to went wrong with you , 2 weeks later you turned at our home with a broken tail and a big infection on your eyes... We did all we could to get you back in good health and it seemed to be okay, your little beautifull eyes were cured in one week, but we noticed there was still something wrong. After copple of visits to our vet, today you couldn't fight anymore, we had to let you go because you had the FIP virus 

 We will never forget you, you will always stay in our hearts... Rest in Peace my sweet baby boy, we will love you forever.

° 24/07/2013

+ 02/12/2013 



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