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19th & 20th December 2009: TICA show - Halle (B) - Belgian TICA Friends


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 6 rings - 2 days

 Paladija Amica

 2 finals: 9th best cat SP - 10th best cat SP

12 x BOC

12 x BOD

12 x BOB 


Paladija Dimona

1 final: 10th best kitten AB

12 x BOC

12 x BOD

12 x BOB



31th October & 1st November 2009: TICA show - Heinenoord (NL) - Cats & Tulips




5 Rings - 2 days: 2 finals: 8th best cat SP - 10th best cat AB

10 x BOC

10 x BOD

10 x BOB




25th July 2009: TICA show - Dampremy (B) - BTCC



Amica was having a bad day this day She didn't feel good, and just didn't like the show this day

We only went home with one ribbon Hopefully next show will be better



Paladija Amica
1 4 21 2009/07/25e EMS 187 187
2 8L 27 2009/07/25e FG 99 286


2009/07/25e = 
19th April 2009: Traditional Show - Antwerp (B) - BCC

On Show with Amica & Cujo... Cujo was relaxed all day and he's got his 2nd CAPIB Amica was feeling terrible... She was very nervous, she missed her biggest price just by misbehaving Amica has got ExI and was BEST IN SHOW 

29th March '09: Traditional Show - Sint-Niklaas (B)- BKV'94

On show with Curly, Cosmo, Cujo & Amica... For Curly and Cosmo it was just horrible, stress, stress and stress

Cujo, after a while got calm and enjoyed the show, and Amica.. The usual... No stress at all and loving all the attention she's got

Results of this show:

  • Curly didn't get her CACIB
  • Cosmo has got his 2nd CAP
  • Cujo had got his 1st CAPIB, and was also BEST CURL and BEST IN SHOW
  • Amica is has got ExI, and was also BEST IN SHOW and BEST OF BEST


28th February '09: TICA show - Hellevoetsluis (NL) - Cats & Tulips



One day TICA for Amica, 5 rings.... Amica just loved it

Amica has been judged by following judges and has got these results:

  • Alexy Shuchkin: 2nd BEST KITTEN
  • Donna Gonyea-Madison: 6th BEST KITTEN
  • Francine Hicks: BEST KITTEN
  • Jean-Marc Lagarde: 3rd BEST KITTEN
  • Massimo Picardello: 6th BEST KITTEN


14-15th February '09: CFA show - Zandvliet (B)- Féline Fanciers of Benelux


Amica's first show, she did just great She had no stress at all and everybody loved her

Each day, there where 4 rings to do.. Amica has been judged by following judges:

  • Pam Delabar
  • Douglas Myers
  • Pat Jaccober
  • Peter van Wortegem
  • Barbara Jaeger
  • Diana Rothermel
  • Gary Veach
  • Kathy Black

In every ring Amica has got her 3 ribbons: BEST OF COLOR CLASS - FIRST PLACE - BEST OF BREED/DIVISION


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